Apple and Microsoft

Wanna a good computer, iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, Pc, play a good game on an Xbox game system, etc?

Just go to, where you can even check out the new MacBook pro, and check out someย Sweet iPhonesย and laptops.

Or are you a Microsoft kinda guy? Then just go to, or maybe go to

Whatever. Just go to one of them.

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Have fun. Tell me if you see something cool on any of these websites and send me the link to it in your comment.

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Hey, I have a riddle for you.

What has video games, but isn’t about video games?

This video I found on you tube! Go ahead, watch it. It’s pretty cool.

Did you like it? You probably did. Now you are probably wondering this…

Why was this video in the gaming category? Because it Minecraft a couple of times and mentioned a couple of other video games. Hope you liked it. It’s also in the epic rap battle of geek vs nerd cover contest post. If you liked this video, you can watch more of these videos in the mentioned post above. And do you want to see the rap battle whose characters started the contest in the first place? Watch the epic rap battle: geek vs nerd. Now I heard dungeons and dragons in these videos a couple of times now, but can you guys please comment down below what is this video game? If it is a video game? Thanks. Bye guys.