Lotr vs Harry potter

You probably read or watch Harry potter. You may even be part of a Harry potter fan club. But for me and my family, NO WAY!

My parents don’t like Harry potter, because it literally tells us like, spells and stuff. And our parents don’t want Sorcery or magic in our house.

Which is why we have something better: THE LORD OF THE RINGS!

I have all the movies, all the books, the hobbit, and 2 hobbit movies (battle of the five armies is going to come soon). But you’re probably asking me, “but dude, there’s a wizard in the Lord of the rings, too.” Well, yes, there is a wizard in the stories, but they never recite spells, and the movies are not a journey through magic, like Harry potter. And in the movies we do hear Gandalf and Saruman recite spells, but they usually recite them in a really deep voice, and in a different language. But I’ve seen some trailers for Harry potter movies (just the trailers, no movies), and while it is hard to understand the spells, I think my parents told me of a Harry potter spell book. That is, I think there is a spell book.

Also the villains. Appearances add to your fear of the villains. I googled Volgemort ( sometimes I ask this girl in my class about the books, just to be nice, and she tells me about the books), and he doesn’t look that scary. First off, he’s bald. My dad’s bald, and I’m not scared of him. Also, look at his nose! Well, I don’t have images of the bad guys, so just Google it. Anyway, back to the nose. It’s so small. *Oh no, Volgemort is here! Hope he doesn’t try to smell me, or give me a haircut!* but he may be a very powerful villain. Just not intimidating. But for Says in, now there’s a terrible villain with a frightening image. You might not think it’s scary, but boy, you can’t deny that he looks evil! Now I want you to Google Sauron. Look at the horns sprouting out of his head, and the eye holes, I’m not even sure if he even has eyes, or if he’s even human! And J. R. R. Tolkien , author of the lotr books, takes a harmless, tiny ring, and makes it the most dangerous object in all of middle-earth ( the world this world takes place at). They do the same thing for the hobbits. In the books, Hobbits are known to not be very adventurous creatures, and are inclined to be fat, and walk bear footed.

Well, which one do you like the most? Take the Poll and we’ll see which one is the best. In your opinion.


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